About Terrovia


How did Terrovia come about?

Seth and Gabrielle began Terrovia to satisfy a passion for change, design, and ingenuity across a variety of interests between the couple. With technical, chemical, and mechanical backgrounds Seth and Gabrielle sought the best way to affect change and impact not only the beauty but also the functionality of the land. Between the two of them, as well as carefully selected and dedicated personnel, they saw an opportunity to make their neighbors backyards a greener, more beautiful, and more fulfilling place to live.

Seth has always harbored a love of working with his hands and utilizing equipment to create change in terrain. As a true visionary, his strengths lie in taking deep consideration of the project and envisioning the maximum potential for the task at hand.

As a young girl, Gabrielle spent a majority of her leisure taking part in the raising of greenhouse gardens and other florae planning. Gabrielle has made a point in visiting many garden shows, botanical conservatories, and nature preserves to further expand her knowledge of native planning and purposeful garden development.

In addition to services provided, Seth and Gabrielle have committed to sponsoring both Earth and Arbor Day with local schools and organizations, so that children can grow to love and understand the organic needs of our planet. In their future endeavors, our youth will execute caring and consideration for our environment by understanding these concepts early on. It is our hope, at Terrovia, to plant strength in our community by influencing change and spreading knowledge.

People Choose Us

As a full-service outdoor living provider, Terrovia goes above and beyond in all aspects of landscaping design, implementation, and maintenance. Our staff is comprised of only the most qualified and experienced industry professionals, some of whom have been with us for decades. We successfully set ourselves apart from the competition.

Effective Communication

Communication is key to our successful, long-lasting relationships with clients. If you call with a question or need, we make it a priority and get back to you promptly.

Unique Solutions

We weigh all factors when designing your outdoor living space — from your intended use for the space to your property’s unique attributes and location — to create an interesting, unique, and practical solution.

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