Lawn Maintenance

    High Quality and Dependable Weekly & Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance

    Whether it’s mowing the grass or fertilizing annual plantings, our expert yard care service takes care of the work so you can enjoy all the fruits. (Without any of the labor.)

    The Benefits

    • Professional results
    • Enhance curb appeal
    • Save time and enjoy your leisure activities
    • Less wear and tear on your body from tending to yard maintenance

    Mowing While some people don’t mind mowing their yards, others never quite look forward to it. Keep your landscape in tip-top shape with our professional lawn mowing services.

    Unless you have the right equipment, tree trimming can be a daunting task. The Terrovia Team are experts in tree trimming and shaping. We have the tools and the manpower to beautify your yard for you, so you don’t have to make any major lawn care purchases or worry about when it’s the “right” time to make a cut.

    Edging adds the finishing touch. Define your walkways, open up your flowerbed borders, and add some order to your garden with our professional manicuring services.

    Leaves be gone! (And debris too.) Keep your walkways clear and tended to with our professional blowing services. Our powerful blowers make a clean sweep across your landscape and beds to clear out the old, and make room for the new.

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