Retaining & Reset Walls

    Retaining Walls

    If your property is on a grade or has a slope to it, you can use walls to retain soil and create more functional areas. Using a landscaping contractor with knowledgeable and experienced staff can add walls to your property to not only retain soil, but create terraced gardens, seat walls around patios, and create additional outdoor spaces to be used for entertaining and relaxing. These walls can also be used to complement surrounding structures and give an added touch of class to any landscape. Whether you choose a retaining wall contractor to add boulder walls or use manufactured retaining wall blocks, this is a great addition to your landscape design.

    Whether you need to replace a retaining wall or need a new one altogether, Terrovia will work with you through each step of the process. Our team even consults with you on which type of maintenance-free stones will work best with the landscape of your property. Our retaining wall services include, but are not limited to:

    • Decorative walls
    • Free standing walls
    • Driveway walls
    • Backyard walls
    • Benches
    • Hillside walls
    • Functional walls


    The Process

    Our staff has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to tackle any retaining wall project. We set up an initial consultation to evaluate what would work best for your property with your vision in mind. Our team will be there every step of the way after the plan has been established, all the way through the completion of your beautiful new retaining wall.


    Retaining Wall Repairs

    Repairing a retaining wall is one of our specialties at Terrovia. If you need a leaning retaining wall repair from bowing or pushing, we have the tools, experience, and expertise to exceed your expectations in getting the job done. The difference between needing a new wall and a wall reset is the condition of the existing block. If your block is not deteriorated or crumbling, it may just be in need of repair. If your block is unusable then the most likely solution is a new wall. Repairing your retaining wall before it gets any worse can prevent any safety hazards as well as keeping future costs down. The longer you wait to repair your wall, the more costly it could potentially become.


    Repairing a Retaining Wall

    Repairing a retaining wall is usually done by taking down the existing wall, digging out the existing dirt and replacing the footer. As we reset the wall, we fix any drainage issues with a pipe and gravel. We always make sure to finalize a leaning retaining wall repair to ensure stability and safety. Repairing a retaining wall will also help boost your property value by increasing the curb appeal of your home. It will be far more difficult to sell a home that needs a serious repair to a retaining wall.


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